The CEO and the founder of one of the largest Social Media platform Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is one of the known richest and the happening celebrities that the teenagers of this generation should aim at.

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With a net worth of 61.7 Billion USD, this guy is one of the most charming CEO who knows what the world wants. Did you know how this richest celebrity speaks about hobbies and the importance of it?  Click to read more about it.

A lot of richest celebrities feel that hobbies are an integral part of becoming successful and they also walk the talk. Let’s get to know what interests Mark Zuckerberg and makes him as one of the

Did you know that this Facebook guy goes gaga over Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Green Day? Wow, isn’t it nice to see someone like Zuck having such great interests? It is amazing to know that this celebrity has subscribed to Glee and seems like he is a biggest fan of its stars. This is again something interesting that not many of you would know.

Since he is a techie he has subscribed to Liz Gannes who is a tech reporter. This guy is fond of spending longtime in bathrooms under shower just because he has an affinity towards warm water, this may make you chuckle; but see even the richest of celebrities would like to do something that makes them happy and it is always not money that has brought them where they are today. Watching Brad Pitt’s acting and following Starwars is one of Zuck’s recreation and by doing all this he still is a money man.

So now do you know that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy but that’s not the case with Zuck?