Athletes are always admired by their fan. This admiration and fan following is what keeps the sport alive. It helps in generating revenue as well. There are many successful sports person in each sport who have set a milestone and have huge fan following all over the world. Roger Federer is one such sports person who has set the milestone which is nearly impossible to break. He is one of the face which represent the Tennis industry and still has the spark to make industry running for him.

celeb net worth

Roger is also one of the richest celebrity in the Tennis industry. You can check his net worth at This is the best site in case you want to know about the celeb net worth. Roger Federer is popular brand ambassador of many companies. This is one of the source of his income. Roger has a tie up with many brands for long. Roger himself his brand which is listed as most valuable athlete brand. His brand endorsement income is way more than the other player in his industry. His net worth stands out to be around 400 million $.

Forbes has listed the Federer as earning 71 million $ per year. He also in the top list of the athlete with high net worth values. The Swiss player has also other incomes through his profession which loaded with accolades of his success over a period of years. Federer is also a good human being from heart and is involved in many philanthropic activities. He has his foundation which helps children all around in education. In all Roger is a complete package which every youngster should look and follow. Learn from him and you will reach the ladder of success. The bench mark he has created would be tough to break.